Lindsey + Alex


Photographing Lindsey and Alex’s wedding was something so special for me. Christina Cernik and myself have led Lindsey in a bible study for four years now, so being able to photograph this day with her was so fun. I can honestly say this day was so prayed for by so many and it truly felt blessed. The day was simply magical with the most gorgeous locations and Lindsey was the perfect Boho bride. I Hope you enjoy these images as much as did taking them. Love you Linds!!!!

img_2603 img_2614 img_2629 img_2664 img_2678 img_2718 img_9736 img_9743 img_2735 img_2736 img_2775 img_2809 img_2817 img_2843 img_2857 img_2868 img_2925 img_3081img_3095


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