CJ & Ariel


CJ and Ariel certainly have a special kind of love. They have been together for some time now and they just knew they were made for one another. Their day was so lovely, down to every detail. Their sun kissed ceremony ended with a fun reception with tons of dancing and delicious food. I was so grateful to be a part of their special day and I wish them the best! Enjoy these two love birds.

PicMonkey Collage IMG_7159-2 IMG_7160 IMG_7170 IMG_7172 IMG_7182 IMG_7187 IMG_7266 IMG_7290 IMG_7359IMG_7161 IMG_7168 IMG_7195 IMG_7202 IMG_7211
IMG_7227 IMG_7233-2 IMG_7279 IMG_7285 IMG_7303 IMG_7313 IMG_7323
IMG_7344 IMG_7349 IMG_7370
IMG_7398 IMG_7422
IMG_7465 IMG_7480 IMG_7520 IMG_7535 IMG_7543 IMG_7553IMG_7453IMG_7734IMG_7732-2IMG_7709-2IMG_7842IMG_7822IMG_7478IMG_7455IMG_7391


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