Liza & Jeremy

Liza and I go way back to our college years, and it is so cool to see how we have grown. When I got the email from Liza that she wanted me to photograph her engagement photos, I was so excited! I knew the shoot had to take place somewhere special, and since Liza and her finance, Jeremy are located in NC, we made a fun trip out of it! Their shoot was magical and filled with forestry greens and mountain ranges. I loved this location, but I loved their love for one another even more! I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as I did taking them!

IMG_9053 IMG_9059 IMG_9060 IMG_9062-2 IMG_9068-2 IMG_9071 IMG_9072 IMG_9076-2 IMG_9076 IMG_9078 IMG_9083IMG_9087 IMG_9093 IMG_9117-2 IMG_9124 IMG_9151 IMG_9156-2 IMG_9165 IMG_9177 IMG_9192 IMG_9196 IMG_9198-2 IMG_9203 IMG_9256 IMG_9257 IMG_9262-2 IMG_9264-2 IMG_9265 IMG_9267 IMG_9272 IMG_9275-2 IMG_9276 IMG_9282 IMG_9284 IMG_9316 IMG_9325-2 IMG_9326 IMG_9332-2 IMG_9337 IMG_9346 IMG_9362-2 IMG_9364 IMG_9369 IMG_9375 IMG_9381-2 IMG_9389 IMG_9391-2 IMG_9391 IMG_9393 IMG_9402 IMG_9413 IMG_9415 IMG_9422 IMG_9426 IMG_9427 IMG_9451-2 IMG_9454 IMG_9458 IMG_9463 IMG_9478 IMG_9502 IMG_9512 IMG_9517-2 IMG_9523 IMG_9525 IMG_9536 IMG_9541 IMG_9546 IMG_9556

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