Arrianna & Joel


These two are simply wonderful. They have such a contagious spirit for the Lord and for each other. Their day was filled with so much laughter and tears. I know The Lord  has such amazing plans for these two! Enjoy their sweet moments and take in all love!!!

PicMonkey Collage IMG_2396 IMG_2434 PicMonkey Collagea PicMonkey Collagew IMG_2420 PicMonkey Collagef PicMonkey CollagesIMG_6332 IMG_2448 IMG_2453 IMG_5938 IMG_5939IMG_5778-2IMG_5782IMG_5784IMG_5794-2IMG_5840-3IMG_5846IMG_5886IMG_5894IMG_5896-2IMG_5906-2IMG_5917IMG_6204IMG_6207IMG_6208IMG_6211IMG_6166-3IMG_6173IMG_6190IMG_5971-2IMG_5973IMG_5977IMG_6042IMG_6043IMG_5965-2IMG_6221IMG_6244IMG_6248-2IMG_6036IMG_6251IMG_6256-2IMG_6257-2IMG_6261IMG_6263IMG_6264IMG_6269IMG_6272IMG_6277-2IMG_6283IMG_6288IMG_6290IMG_6294IMG_6296-2IMG_6304IMG_6306IMG_6308-2IMG_6311-2IMG_6315-2IMG_6316IMG_6335IMG_6336IMG_6339PicMonkey CollagecIMG_6376 (1)-2IMG_6383 (1)IMG_6406IMG_6410IMG_6495-2IMG_6504IMG_6516IMG_6705

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