Shawna & Paul

IMG_2083These two have such a sweet love! It was so fun to capture these two interacting. Being able to take their precious moments was pure joy! Hope you all enjoy these romantic pictures as much as I do!

IMG_1885 PicMonkey Collage IMG_1897IMG_1901-2
IMG_1904IMG_1907IMG_2173IMG_2165IMG_2161PicMonkey Collagec
IMG_2130PicMonkey CollageaPicMonkey CollagedIMG_2110IMG_2109IMG_2080-2IMG_2078IMG_2038IMG_2037PicMonkey CollageIMG_2021IMG_1987IMG_1999IMG_1974-2IMG_1919IMG_1910IMG_2194IMG_2198IMG_2196-2IMG_2203PicMonkey CollagenIMG_2264PicMonkey CollagewPicMonkey CollagebIMG_2247IMG_2242IMG_2233-2IMG_2231-2PicMonkey CollagesIMG_2226IMG_2223PicMonkey CollagemmIMG_2298-2IMG_2297IMG_2345IMG_2339IMG_2341-2IMG_2317


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