Mary & Clayton Wedding

This couple and family has such a special place in my heart. When Clayton told me he was going to ask Mary to marry him I was overflowing with joy. These two demonstrate unconditional love for one another and it is so beautiful to capture. The whole day was so peaceful  and it was so good to be back in my country roots. Mary was a glowing bride, and every detail was paid attention too. I blessed to be a part of their day and I cannot wait to see where the Lord takes this amazing couple.

IMG_0655 IMG_9938 PicMonkey Collage6 IMG_9962 PicMonkey CollagesIMG_9787 IMG_9724 IMG_9714 IMG_9684 IMG_9605 IMG_9580 IMG_9703 PicMonkey Collagea IMG_0056IMG_9895IMG_9839PicMonkey CollagessIMG_9755IMG_9701IMG_9676IMG_9642-2IMG_9671-2PicMonkey CollagddeIMG_9694-2IMG_9693-2IMG_9660-2IMG_9656-2IMG_0088PicMonkey CollageasIMG_0206IMG_0211-2IMG_0224IMG_0250-2IMG_0249


IMG_0351 PicMonkey Collagev IMG_0302 IMG_0303 IMG_0254

PicMonkey CollagedfIMG_0373
IMG_0393IMG_0395IMG_0400IMG_0399IMG_0704 IMG_0767 IMG_0768 IMG_0682IMG_9661-2IMG_0762PicMonkey CollageseIMG_0755IMG_9795-2-2 PicMonkey Collagegg IMG_0741-2 IMG_0726 IMG_9815-2-2PicMonkey CollageghIMG_0571-2IMG_0548PicMonkey Collagease IMG_0597 PicMonkey Collagghe IMG_0508 IMG_0513IMG_0660IMG_0667

IMG_0679PicMonkey CollagesewIMG_9889-2IMG_9893IMG_0876IMG_0887IMG_0901PicMonkey CollagerrIMG_0937IMG_0946IMG_0951-2

IMG_0989PicMonkey Collagerf
IMG_0020-2 IMG_0004-2 IMG_0030-2-2 IMG_0029-2

IMG_0035-2IMG_0060-2IMG_0059-2 PicMonkey Collagecc IMG_0066-2 PicMonkey Collagen

IMG_0073-2IMG_0084-2-2IMG_0103-2-2IMG_0102-2IMG_0111-2IMG_0116-2IMG_0119-2-2 IMG_0129-2 PicMonkey Collagesw IMG_0125-2-2IMG_9844IMG_9849IMG_9831 IMG_9833 photoIMG_9861IMG_9858-2IMG_9851IMG_9976IMG_9980IMG_9866IMG_9874IMG_0003-3PicMonkey CollagaweIMG_9942-2IMG_0156-2 IMG_0094 IMG_0014-3IMG_9966-2 IMG_9888-2 IMG_9887-2 IMG_9881-2 IMG_0630-2 IMG_0620-2 IMG_0601-2 IMG_0586-2 IMG_0584-2 IMG_0572-2-2 IMG_0481-2 IMG_0402-2 IMG_0689-2 IMG_0698-2-2

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