The Shaw Wedding

IMG_3939 It was such a pleasure to photograph these two love birds. Their spirit is contagious and there hearts for people is undeniable. The wedding was a beautiful ceremony where two families became one. Many tears were shed and love was all in the air. I know without a doubt you will see their love and compassion for each other through these photos. Shot along side
IMG_3338 IMG_3620 IMG_3343 IMG_3341 IMG_3652 IMG_3641 IMG_3628 IMG_3456 IMG_3431IMG_3494IMG_3502IMG_3497IMG_3712IMG_3546IMG_3558IMG_3672IMG_3706IMG_3736IMG_4017IMG_3952IMG_4000IMG_3991IMG_3959IMG_3959 copyIMG_3958IMG_3938IMG_4039IMG_4078IMG_4077IMG_4066IMG_4041IMG_4097IMG_4136IMG_4126IMG_4101IMG_4265IMG_4241IMG_4219IMG_4205IMG_4180IMG_4168IMG_4166IMG_4025

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